About Us

hastyNotes's online service represents a new technology that will alter the landscape of data retrieval. Our service which is still in development and listed in BETA form is a revolutionary service which expands upon the features of a number of currently-existing information retrieval technologies.

Search engines have globalized the extent to which information can be easily and conveniently accessed. Our service's goal is to expand and evolve those current technologies into a working, thinking program that will alter the way people retrieve and view information on the web.

Currently, only a few established search engines dominate the data access landscape. Search providers have leveraged access to user information to expand into the development of several products and services. However, while the search engine market is competitive only for the largest current players, there is no solution like our service in existence that matches our capabilities.

Right now the most common method for retrieving information over the internet is with the use of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. Information is presented in an uncoordinated list of potential data outlets, retrieved and utilized by visiting sites and processing large batches of information.

hastyNotes has developed a mechanism to advance from search directly to finished product, which bypasses user driven data retrieval and processing. Through a fusion of available methods and new technology, hastyNotes offers the user the ability to produce finished works of data composition in a fraction of the time previously possible. be one of the first to experience our service and follow on twitter and facebook.

If you truly enjoy our product, please spread the word. Please go to our support page and send us a message with any ideas you have that would make our product better. We are constantly trying to improve our product and your input is appreciated.